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The mildness of our GINs is indicative.

TeutoGIN is

Men and women business.

Enjoy the TeutoGIN

pure or with tonic water,

alone or with friends,

in winter or in summer,

... but enjoy!

our GINs

handcrafted small batches from Hagen at Teutoburg Forest


Full of character. Gin from the Teutoburg Forest.


TeutoGIN is characterized by an exceptionally mild taste, special aromas and a variety of aromas. Every TeutoGIN has a strong character and has its own story, which is reflected in the coat of arms .

TeutoGIN Distillery

GIN manufacture

The TeutoGIN Distillery is located in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest between the Silvermountain and the Borgmountain, not far from the district of Himmelreich and behind the Goldbach. The cherry nature trail leads right past her. The blossoms of the cherry trees spread the fine scent of the cherry blossom in spring. The horse paddocks within sight and with the smell of forest in the air, this is where TeutoGIN is created.

raw materials

Nature and region


The ingredients of the TeutoGIN are exclusively natural and drawn from the diversity of the Teutoburg Forest. What cannot be grown locally is preferably bought locally.
We do not use colorings or chemical flavors.




The TeutoGIN is made by hand. The botanicals are prepared in an alcohol-water mixture and leached out over a long period of time.
When distilling, it is important to us that the aromas are round and well embedded. Each bottle is filled, labeled and numbered by hand.

our GIN

Enjoyment guaranteed


Gentle distillation, great mildness in the distillate with a multitude of exciting aromas as well as uncomplicated way of preparing cocktails are important to us.
Our GIN is not a hobby.
It's a pleasure!
We create GINs for the fine palate!

GIN genießen
tauche in die Welt des GINs ein

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