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The makers
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Our goal:

Our GIN is pleasure!

    The story  

Welcome to the home of the TeutoGIN!


In the middle of the Teutoburg Forest is the cherry community Hagen aTW, known for the cherry blossom in April, horse breeding and as a destination for long hikes. Here we manufacture the TeutoGIN in peace and 100% by hand. We are a manufacturer and prefer to use ingredients from regional dealers. The many treasures and stories of the Teutoburg Forest are reflected in the versatile flavors of the TeutoGIN. That is why we dedicate our GIN to our region.


The founders are neighbors. Daniel, our master distiller, was born in Hagen and has years of experience in distillation through his job in the chemical industry. His wife Christina F. is a banker and takes over our purchasing. Darius and Christina S. have lived in Hagen since they were young and embarked on a commercial career after studying economics. They ensure that you can enjoy our GINs.

We are all delightful GIN lovers and everything we do, we do to bring you GIN enjoyment too!


We prefer mild spirits and so we decided to create mild GINs. We experimented a lot with botanicals and the distillation process and when we sat together late at night and tested the new creations, some creations caused question marks on faces, others in turn a clear approval. Our GINs aroused great interest in tastings in the circle of friends and neighbors. The positive feedback animated us and our fingers started tingling to make more of it.


The first TeutoGIN series consists of four GINs that are characterized by mildness, aromas and regionality.


The neighborhood became friendship, friendship became a shared hobby, and the hobby became the TeutoGIN Distillery in 2020 with its own handcrafted GINs. Our GINs are men's and women's business and you can see and taste that!


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